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Varga-Flexo Ltd. was founded in 1993. The Founder Endre Varga had been designing and producing flexographic printing presses for 15 years at that time. He founded the company together with his son with the vision of launching new flexographic printing presses, laminators, slitters and mounter-proofers on the international market from a Hungarian producer offering excellent value for money and high quality. Endre Varga handed over the enterprise to his son, Denes Varga in 2010, but he follows the daily work, assist by his son’s decisions and trusts that the grandchildren who already participate in the life of the company, will carry on the generation change. Positive feedback and friendly relationship with our customers ensure the company’s competitive position in the printing market therefore their current aim is to strengthen the relationship with existing customers and found new ones.

Varga-Flexo Ltd. aims to meet the requirements where high quality, short changeover time, cost effective operations and quick ROI, and machine operator-friendly design are all important factors. Long-term orientation has a key importance thus all our machines have been operating reliably since 1993. Responding to our Customers` trust in the company, we provide stable background and constant support that in years evolves into an alliance based on mutual confidence.

Lengyeltóti Production plant in Lengyeltóti

The headquarters and the service centre are in Budapest and it is also the place where you can find the driver technology and the electronic workshops where latest developments are tested before implementation. The production lines are in the factory of Lengyeltóti which is continuously expanding in capacity and where the production technologies are always updated to meet the increasing demands of the customers. The good relationship with customers does not end after installing the machines, but begins just after that, consulting, training for operators and maintenance, 24h service hotline, spare parts ordering and continuous improvement support is provided to keep the machines on a high production level. Online remote monitoring system with free Skype phone is an accessory to the machines enabling free and immediate remote support for the machine operators in case there is any need for help or service. Our team aims to react to customer needs promptly and prepare quotations within 1 hour. In order to perform at highest level, we are constantly developing our IT system and company management software.

When designing the machines of Varga-Flexo Ltd. the most important factors beyond the top quality prints are reliable operation, strong framework, the shortest possible time for reel change and retooling, cost effective operation and excellent value for money. Important factors are also the easy handling and approach and machine operator-friendly covers. New innovations are tracked and tested continuously to provide the customers with always the latest technology.

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