Flexographic printing press

Flexible packaging materials are printed on flexographic printing presses. Main activity of Varga-Flexo Ltd. is focusing on producing this kind of machines. In order to meet a wide range of customer requirements we produce latest technology, compact 8-colour machines with central impression cylinder. Main features of our flexo printing presses are high quality prints, reliable operation, fast reel change and retooling, cost effective operation, fast ROI, easy handling and approach and machine operator-friendly covers. The electric system is developed by ourselves by applying the latest technology. PLC control, servo drive and colour touch-screen terminals are implemented into each of our machines. Online remote monitoring system with free Skype phone is an accessory to the machines enabling free and immediate remote support for the machine operators in case there is any need for help or service and software updates can also be done directly from our Budapest headquarters. The customized softwares are designed based on the requirements of the customers. Even in basic configuration, the mechines are equipped with all supplementary accessories that high quality and economical flexographic printing requires.

Flexo printing unit

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Mechanic speed or highest printing speed is 300 m/min even during 8-colour, quality printing. In some cases, however, material specification requires lower speed. According to customer feedback 100-150000 m print can be done daily within 24h with 5-10 changeovers. For special request 450 m/min maximum speed is achievable.

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A main feature of the flexo printing press is the width of printing. According to customer feedback, 80% of printing requires less than 800 mm width. Thus our standard machine provides a maximum of 1000 mm print width with 1100 mm material width. For special request the printing width can be between 500-1200 mm.

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Print repeat

The minimum print repeat is a very important factor as when multiple production printing - because of reducing number of prints- cost of plates multiplies, which is not always accepted by the customer. That is the reason why we decided to set the print length between 300-900 mm reducing the expense of plates.

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Video Web Inspection

With the help of a print control system we can check the print under running. A digital camera shoots still images of the print and displays the pictures on a fix and a rotable 19” LCD flatscreen. The optics and the camera is moved by inbuilt motors even with automatic scanning. A print checking table with lights facilitates checking the printing material`s quality and other devices and equipment can be stored in it. The print checking table is included in the standard price.

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The fast drying of the ink is ensured by a hot air drying system in the drying bridge and among the printing decks. The air starts from diffuser ventilators, goes through electronic heating patrons and after drying the surface of the printed material it is exhausted by vacuum ventilators. The temperature, as most of the other automatic setups of the draing bridge and among the printing decks, is controlled via the coloured central terminal. The quantity of the air can be controlled between the printing decks with valves. The machines are available with heat exchanger on demand.

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The purpose of the winding system is unwinding and rewinding the material. Each winding unit is controlled with detached motors and top-quality servo inverters with inbuilt pulling power dynamometers, which keep stable pulling power with minimal energy need within 5 Newton independently from reel diameter and mechanic speed. The requested pulling power is set on a coloured terminal. The winding units are capable of two-way winding and the material is kept stable by expanding shafts. In front of the rewinding unit and after the unwinding unit edge control units are found. The edge control is equipped with ultrasonic sensors ensuring even and lateral guidance of the material. Pneumatic controlled pressing cylinders on the rewinding unit facilitate ensuring that there is no air left in the reel. The pressing cylinders can be set on the sides. After the raw material leaves the drying unit it is guided along a cooling roll to guarantee proper temperature for rewinding. In basic configuration the machine is equipped with one unwinding and one rewinding unit for 800 mm maximum reel diameter. For special request we equip the machine with double un-and rewinding units for even 1000 mm maximum reel diameter, and also with automatic reel change system and blade or rotary knife slitting unit with edge exhaust and banana roll.

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To meet all customer needs we also supply defect detection, barcode monitoring, automatic colour monitoring, turn bar system for backside printing, viscosity control, automatic wash up for the printing system, corona treatment and any option for special request e.g. backside printing in two rounds (8+8 colours in full width).

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