Plate Mounter

The precondition of top quality printing is the accurate sticking of the plate. In order to support this activity we developed our sleeve mounter equipment which enables high quality for a favorable price even in the basic configuration. The built-in air-cylinders are developed to enable easy replacement and sticking of sleeves. After the double-sided adhesive tape is fixed onto the sleeve the waste can be removed with the help of a cutting unit. The accurate set up of the plates is supported by a moving, folding table where the plates can be placed and with the help of laser lights their accurate position can be found. The accuracy is enabled by 80x digital video cameras connected to a 24” LED screen so that the fitting of micro rasters or the hair-crosses will be accurate. The sticking points are lighted by high-performance LED lights. These lights and the screen are controlled also by a motion detector, which automatically switches them off when they are out of use. Switch is based on the same method extending their life span. Pictures made by the digital video cameras are processed by a computer connected to the free of charge online remote monitoring system with Skype phone which enables immediate remote support for the machine operators in case there is any need for help or service. Software updates can also be done directly from our Budapest headquarters. The basic configuration contains manual camera control, height control and air-cylinder rotation with a 12 way cylinder staging facility. All the controls are available in driver equipped versions and the digital controlling function of the cameras is also available on demand. Furthermore all the sticking parameters can be saved and there is a pneumatic controlled pressing cylinder available on demand.
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