Laminator - Slitter-Rewinder


Two complete machines with one investment!

The increasing competition on the market requires the usage of higher and higher quality packaging materials. These high quality materials can be produced by applying the laminating technology that enables us to merge the advantageous qualities of various materials and to produce a multi-layer material structure. Using this technology almost all requirements can be covered with top quality packaging materials. From printing technology point of view it is important to note that the print itself is enclosed between two layers enabling the material to meet more rigorous health and medical requirements in addition to the better esthetic effect. Advantages of laminator machines can not always be taken of in full shift as printed material not always needs to be laminated. After lamianting, however, edges need to be removed and if multiple print lines are printed on the material the reel should be slitted. This means that besides the laminator machine, a slitter-rewinder is always required. As a unique solution in Europe we equipped all of our laminating machines with a blade slitter unit with a side exhauster and this way offering two complete machines with one investment. Following a retooling and the rewinding of the material the laminating machine is converted into a slitter offering us better usage of capacity and quicker ROI.


The laminating technology means simply covering the surface of one of the materials with adhesives and pressing the other material onto it ensuring that there is no air left between the two, producing a duplex material. Repeating the same activities we can produce a triplex material structure. Our solvent free, winding laminating machines are operating with lukewarm glues enabling the efficient and high quality production of even small quantities and the previously used environment harming solvent-using technology can be replaced.

The side-change sleeve system based laminating work consists of 5 cylinders out of which two are heated in order to control the temperature of the adhesive. The laminating cylinder is an in-built air-cylinder onto which rubber sleeves can be pulled on from the side of the machine with the help of special valves. The rubber sleeve`s width is less than the air-cylinder`s width and equal to the laminating width. The speed of the laminating cylinder is controlled, raised and moved by detached sevo-motors. The pressing cylinder is moved by pneumatics with central pressure control.


The thickness of the adhesive is controlled by a stageless gear, enabling the application of an adhesive thickness as less as 1 g/m2, though the optimal thickness is around 1.8-2 g/m2. This setting can be changed even during production. A coloured screen terminal is used to control the adhesive thickness, the programming of the meter counter, the cylinder heating, the saving of parameter settings and other functions. Corona treatment unit and adhesive vapour exhaust unit are optional.

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Reel slitting

By a single switch and re-thread of the material the laminator function can be turned into a blade slitter-rewinder. This means that the two processes are performed by one machine which results in quicker ROI. The inbuilt groove roller`s scale is 2 mm. In basic configuration the machine is equipped with edge exhaust, which we use when slitting sides of laminated materials. Also, a laser marker is part of the slitting unit. A laser beam marks the point of slitting on the material and the position of the reel holder pipes on both expanding shafts so that setting and positioning of the pipes when slitting the reel is easy. The slitting unit can optionally be equipped with rotary knives for paper slitting as well.

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Adhesive dosing

The adhesive dosing unit is designed to store, heat, mix and dose two adhesive components. It stores the components seperately and moisture-free, pre-heats them, mixes them and doses the mixed substance into the Laminator-Slitter-rewinder machine according to a pre-set proportion with automatic feedback and control so that the level of adhesive between the laminating rolls in the Laminator-Slitter-rewinder is stable. Plastic flaps on the sides of the rolls prevent the adhesive from overflow. Thanks to this technology only a small amount of components need to be mixed at the same time thus avoiding occurrence of much waste at the end of the laminating process. Even mixture of the components is also assisted by a pneumatic mixer with shuttle movement built on the Laminator-Slitter-rewinder machine. The rolls storing the adhesive automatically roll on when the Laminator-Slitter-rewinder machine stops thus prolonging hardening of the adhesive. The adhesive feeder is equipped with a static mixer head, a cog-wheel pump, a frequency gear, a dehumidifier and a heater, all of which can be controlled from the terminal of the Laminator-Slitter-rewinder machine. The components of the adhesive are flowing separately until the mixer head this way ensuring that cleansing is only needed in a short section of the equipment. The mixed adhesive can be stored in the adhesive storage for days, minimizing the adhesive waste.

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The machine requires 6 m2 space, the installation is simple and the operation requires only electronic plug and air supply. The machine weighs 3,5 tons and is built on a robust cast iron framework. Its stability is ensured by robust spacers.

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Highest mechanic speed that equals slitting speed is 400m/min. The highest laminating speed is 200m/min.

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One of the main features of the Laminator-Slitter-rewinder is the laminating width. According to customer feedback raw material is available without extra charge of cutting mainly betweeen 1200-1300 mm. The machine is designed not only to slit the reel and edge after the laminating process but also to prepare raw material for printing thus most of our customers order machines with 1200 mm maximum laminating width and 1300 mm maximum material width. As a manufacturer of unique machines as well, for special request we produce machines with maximum lamianting width between 500-1200 mm.

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The purpose of the winding system is unwinding and rewinding the material. Each winding unit is controlled with detached motors and top-quality servo inverters with inbuilt pulling power dynamometers, which keep stable pulling power with minimal energy need within 5 Newton independently from reel diameter and mechanic speed. The requested pulling power is set on a coloured terminal. The winding units are capable of two-way winding and the material is kept stable by expanding shafts. In front of the rewinding unit and after the unwinding unit edge control units are found. The edge control is equipped with ultrasonic sensors ensuring even and lateral guidance of the material. On unwinding unit „A” a CCD camera which controls the print in any width regardless the print is continuous or dashed. Significance of this control appears when it comes to slitting when edge removal needs to be adjusted to the print. Pneumatic controlled pressing cylinders on the rewinding unit facilitate ensuring that there is no air left in the reel. The pressing cylinders can be set on the sides. In basic configuration the machine is equipped with three winding units: one for 800 mm maximum reel diameter and two for 600 mm maximum reel diameter.

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